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Meet DrYoungForever Staff...

Dr. Young's biggest fans!

Did you know that the majority of Dr. Young's staff have been with him for years?

Sandra has been with Dr. Young since he started the practice in 1990! Andrea and Bonnie have been with him well over 15 years. We think that says a LOT about the type of man he is, a great boss, and the terrific surgeon we all know he is.

DrYoungForever Clinic Team

The clinic team represents the clerical staff and nursing staff which perform all the patient service functions of Dr. Young's busy plastic surgery clinic. While Dr. Young sees new patients on Tuesdays and Thursdays, clinic staff members are busy performing all the tasks that are necessary to keep the clinic days flowing as smoothly as possible. From our front desk receptionist to back office staff working in medical records, we all work closely every day to coordinate the complex job of transitioning new patients to happy surgery patients.

Most patients would be surprised at the effort that goes into ensuring that our patients have the best experience possible. When you work with a surgeon who has such a widespread reputation for excellence, the demand for his services is great. We do juggle a lot of new patients on a very tight schedule because we understand that when you are ready to begin your journey, you are excited and want to get things under way ASAP!

Our #1 priority is ensuring that we have done everything we can to give you the best experience possible. Please let us know how we can help you!

DrYoungForever Nursing Team

Dr. Young's Nursing Team works closely with the Clinic Team when getting patients ready for surgery, but you'd be surprised at how involved they are in your care right from the start. New patients have a lot of needs that are very different from thoses who have had their surgery and are now requiring medical followup.

Dr. Young selects only the best Registered Nurses who have the right training, experience, and personality to assist in the day-to-day operation of his busy clinic.

DrYoungForever Surgery Center Team

Dr. Young's Surgery Center is comprised of a specialized team that consists of doctors, nurses and technicians who are highly skilled and experienced in their own respective fields, but also who have a passion for the plastic surgery specialty. While some of our RN's work in both the Surgery Center and Dr. Young's clinic, other members of the Surgery Center are so specialized that all of their work is concentrated there.

We're proud that our Surgery Center is brand new and complete with modern technologies that meet the highest levels for outpatient surgery centers. 

DrYoungForever Fan Club Team

That's You!   We're so happy to have you as VIP members of our Fan Club. We're grateful for the enthusiasm you show for the services we provide, and your loyalty to Dr. Young and his MediSpa. You are an important part of our practice and we want you to know we value your comments, suggestions and ideas. THANK  YOU

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