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We'd like to introduce our VIP members to the very latest in tattoo removal and what better way to do this than by offering an exclusive special!

Our new equipment is considered the new gold standard in tattoo removal because it is effective on inks of all colors. Many removal lasers are simply not effective on anything other than black, but our PiQo4 is designed for color as well! This can save you time and money when it comes to the removal of tattoos you no longer want. Whether it's because your tattoo has faded, no longer has significance to you, or perhaps contains the name of someone you no longer date, tattoo removal is something many eventually want.

Dr. Young had tattoo removal equipment many years ago at his laser center, but the technology just wasn't as effective as now is. Dr. Young did extensive researched and is convinced that the PiQo4 delivers everything you need for fast, safe and effective tattoo removal. Both Erica and Niva are certified with the new technology and are ready to help you remove the tattoos you no longer want.

Pricing for tattoo removal starts at $100 for a 1"x1" area. There is savings as areas increase in size, and pricing is even lower when you purchase a package! We've priced our tattoo removal to be very competitive.

Use your $70 purchase (minimum fee for up to 1" square tattoo) towards the fee for your tattoo, as determined by Erica or Niva in your free consult. Tattoo removal requires multiple visits. The number depends on many factors including the size of your tattoo and how heavy the ink is applied.

To give you a better idea of pricing, our fee for a 3"x3" tattoo (or up to 9 square inches) is $275/visit or $700 for a package of 3 visits. A larger 6"x6" area (36 sq in) is $500/visit or $1275 for a package of 3 visits. If you have a much larger tattoo, the cost per square inch drops significantly.

See what modern tattoo removal can do for you! Get your start today with 30% off! This is a one-time introductory special that will expire at midnight on Friday 01-26-18.

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