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Donate to Relocate Our Pups

As you know, we've kicked off our "Cups For Pups" campaign to help San Antonio Pets Alive, and we're really barking up a storm!

Can you help a Pup get a Lift to Liberty? We sponsored Apple's trip and our goal is to send our special dozen Pups on their adventure to a new loving forever home.

Visit our GoFundMe page and donate $175 for the Pup you'd like to help!

Don't forget to mention his/her name in your comment so we can

let SAPA know that.... THIS PUP IS GOING HOME!

Dr. Young's 4th of July party raised almost $2700 in donations to kick off our month-long campaign to help out the pups of San Antonio! Our goal is to raise at least $5000 to help SAPA with their summer expenses through our GoFundMe page, help pay transport fees in their Lift To Liberty program and perhaps even get a few pups adopted to great homes right here in San Antonio.

With four separate campaigns running at DrYoungForever, we have something for everyone and are rewarding our patients who are willing to help out by giving something back to them. Here's our plan to help SAPA, help you, and help Dr. Young make a sizeable donation to an organization that truly helps our furry friends:

* Cups For Pups Bra Donations - Every Bra donated earns $5 for SAPA

* July is Breast Augmentation Month! - Dr.Young is donating $100 for each surgery

* Pay a pup's Transport Fee - Get $175 gift card for services at DrYoungForever

* Adopt a Pup - Get $500 off any new surgery

And something special just for our VIP Fan Club members......

(we always hold out something special just for you).....

Any new surgery scheduled for July you'll get an instant $500!

Call Jennifer at 210-496-2639 before openings fill.

Hint: Today is a clinic day...call to get on Dr. Young's schedule!

The entire staff at DrYoungForever thanks you for anything you can do.

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