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Join Us For "Cups For Pups"

Dr. Young loves animals. For many years, he has contributed to various charities and causes to help them. Dr. Young's entire staff know how much he adores his own pups, and how much he cares about the well being of other pups as well. So, we've all come together to help Dr. Young make a difference to all of the animals in one of his favorite local charities...San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA).

Thus the creation of "Cups For Pups", a month-long campaign designed to help puppies and kittens at SAPA.

What is "Cups For Pups"? It is Dr. Robert Young's campaign to help Pets Alive find permanent, loving homes for deserving dogs! We issue a challenge to patients, friends and family to get involved and join us in our month-long efforts to raise funds for Pets Alive, pay for Lift to Liberty transport fees which help dogs go to people looking for a great companion, and to get as many animals adopted as possible.

How will we do it? Great question! It's our goal to make this as fun as possible, and to have it as successful for SAPA as possible. But, we need your help. Here's what you can do to help us make a HUGE difference to "Pups" in San Antonio:

1) Dr. Young's Annual 4th of July Party. Dr. Young will be collecting $25 admittance fee which will be donated directly to SAPA through Dr. Young's GoFundMe campaign to raise $5,000. These funds will help SAPA's Summer Baby crunch that help save 400 or more Parvo Puppies and 1000 or more Neonatal Kittens from euthanasia each year!

2) $100 to SAPA for every Breast Augmentation Dr. Young will donate $100 for every Breast Augmentation (Saline or Silicone) surgery he performs during the month of July. Call and get on his surgery schedule and mention Pets Alive!

3) $175 sponsors for Lift to Liberty dog transport will receive a DrYoungForever gift card of equal value for services at Dr. Young's MediSpa or Dr. Young's surgeon fees. Pets Alive provides transport to other no-kill rescues across the country who are looking for adoption dogs! The cost of transport is tremendous and funds raised can make a huge difference to larger dogs that don't necessarily do well with adoption in San Antonio. Cost of transport is $175 per dog. Can you help and sponsor a dog? We will be posting photos of dogs actually up for transport if they receiving funding. Stay tuned.

4) Adopt a "Pup" - Whether puppy or full grown dog, any verified adoption from SAPA will receive $500 off any surgery with Dr. Young (or you can pay full fee and have us donate $500 in your name).

5) Donate a "Cup" - Bring in any clean bra for donation and Dr. Young will donate $5 to PetsAlive for one bra per person. Who doesn't have a brand new bra that just doesn't fit right! Bring in any new, only worn once, or bra in excellent shape to Dr. Young's Stone Oak offices and Surgery Center. Not only will it raise money for SAPA, but the bras will be donated to a charity at the end of our "Cups For Pups" campaign! More details on this later.

We hope you'll join us for the fun, and help as many of our four-legged friends as possible!

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