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Dr. Young's Surgery Center Passes Strict Re-Accreditation

We're proud that Dr. Young's Surgery Center has once again passed the strict certification process put in place by the The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF or "quad ASF" ).

The AAAASF is known as the Gold Standard in Accreditation, maintaining the highest safety standards in outpatient accreditation for nearly 40 years. Dr. Young feels that this level of inspection and adherence to these high standards should be something every Surgery Center strives for. Dr. Young was one of the first plastic surgeons in San Antonio to have the vision for a certified Surgery Center devoted to cosmetic plastic surgery.

We celebrate the fact that we have always met and maintained our AAAASF accreditation. We're happy that in doing so, it provides our surgery patients with safety and quality standards that are as good as those of hospitals. It helps us reduce infections and allows for better patient experiences because we have our own highly skilled staff who are treating only our own surgery patients.

What does AAAASF accreditation mean? It means that all Surgery Centers must meet the following AAAASF requirements:

  • Outpatient Surgery Centers are held to Hospital Standards.

  • Surgeons must be board certified and have hospital privileges for any procedure that is performed in the surgical facility.

  • Anesthesia professionals are required for deeper levels of anesthesia.

  • Safe surgical environment, equipment, drugs, etc. are to be utilized through specific standards in surgery facilities.

  • Peer Review and tracking of medical case data within HIPAA privacy regulations.

  • Adherence to safety guidelines and procedures.

  • Annual reviews

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