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Dr. Young Picked A Winner in Keller Funnel

Allergan, makers of Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella and Vollure - our top facial injectables, announced today that it will be aquiring Keller Medical, Inc., a privately held medical device company and developer of the Keller Funnel®. Allergan is also manufacturer of the breast implants most often used by Dr. Young. The assortment of shapes and profiles in their silicone gel implants is unrivaled and Dr. Young is one of Allergan's top users in Texas.

Dr. Young has been a user of the Keller Funnel® since 2010 and believes the "no-touch" technique helps minimize risk of infection, surgical complications as well as his patient's recovery time. Dr. Young knew that the technique would be a complement to the minimally invasive techniques he was already using, and that it would prove a real value to his patients. As use of the Keller Funnel caught on, it attracted the attention of many others.

The Keller Funnel is a cone-shaped, lubricated plastic funnel that reduces surgeon contact with the breast implants during breast augmentations. The Keller Funnel helps guide pre-filled silicone breast implants into the pocket created. Dr. Young finds that the Keller Funnel can assist with insertion through both arm-pit and areola incisions.

David Moatazedi, Senior Vice President of Medical Aesthetics at Allergan explains, “The Keller Funnel was developed and designed by pioneering surgeons to improve breast implantation, and reduce the risks of implant contamination during procedures.”

As a top level provider of Allergan products, Dr. Young is excited that Allergan will be acquiring Keller Funnel and that they continue to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to breast augmentation specialists like himself.

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