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DrYoungForever Celebrates Mother's Day with a "Month of Mothers"

We wanted to do something unique and very special for mothers when Dr. Young's staff got together to decide what we'd like to do to celebrate Mother's Day this month. We've come up with something we're all excited about and hope you'll join us in doing what you can!

The ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY is a celebration of mothers! We're offering a month of specials on professional medical-grade skin care products, great pricing on Botox, as well as up to $400 off Niva's Liquid Facelift! Perfect gifts for your mother, or give to yourself! Visit "Specials" for details on May's promotions!

But our ambitions do not stop there. We want to give back to our community and pay-it-forward with a fundraising/charity drive to benefit San Antonio's Battered Women and Children's Shelter (BWCS). Helping this local non-profit group will help women and mothers who find themselves in sometimes perilous situations where they and their children face abuse, neglect and/or trauma. They often must flee a difficult situation in desperation to find safety, and in doing so often leave their homes with little to nothing.

The DrYoungForever staff has developed two ways to directly help the BWCS:

1) Charity Drive: A donation box has been set up in Dr. Young's San Antonio offices to collect items that the BWCS desperately needs. Items include personal care products, diapers, baby bottles, personal care items (baby, children, adults), new clothes, household items, linens and more. See the complete list of items needed.

2) Fundraising: A GoFundMe page has been established to raise money which will be given to BWCS at the end of May. These funds will be used for essential services that include counseling services, medical care, and so much more to help these children and their moms. Dr. Young has stepped up by offering significant contributions himself! Please make your donation in any amount you can.

How does Dr. Young's contribution work? To make it interesting and fun, Dr. Young will donate 10% of breast implant cc's used in Breast Augmentation surgeries he performs during the entire month May 2017! If a woman selects 400cc's, $40 will be donated. If she chooses $700 cc's, $70 will be donated by Dr. Young. Given that Dr. Young can easily perform 40 or 50 breast augmentations in a month, that will result in thousands of dollars being added to what funds we raise from our fans and patients, as well as from others we do business with!

Our Goals: We hope to provide one box of items to BWCS each week. In addition, we hope to raise a minimum of $1000 through our GoFundMe campaign. We'll update our "DrYoungForever Goal Graph" daily and will send it to our fans each week so you know how we're doing. We've already received $200 in donations and we're only on day 2! Can we exceed our goals???

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