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Weighing In On Niva's Chocolate Facials

Can the word "delicious" adequately describe the experience of Niva's Chocolate Facials? No, it's just not that simple!

As the Business Manager for Dr. Young's practice, I don't get preferential treatment, but I do get to occasionally try out a new product or service. As a group, we all agreed to "test" the Chocolate Facials and weight in on what we thought of them so we offer only the best Chocolate Facials for our upcoming Valentine's Day Event at DrYoungForever.

After having my turn receiving the luxurious treatment (which includes a thorough exfoliating dermaplane), I can honestly say I'm a fan!

Niva chose a Wednesday for my Chocolate Facial because she knows its "date night" for my husband and me...a chance to connect during a busy work week for both of us. True to form, Niva is showing how thoughtful and caring she is...something the entire staff at DrYoungForever admires and enjoys about Niva, our licensed Aesthetician and Certified Master Injector.

Always cheery, smiling and wanting to share her knowledge, Niva explains that for me she's chosen a blend of Chocolate Facials. Because I'm 58 and have aging skin, I need the anti-aging properties that are packed into the mixture that she hand-prepares as she explains the ingredients and what magic they will perform on me. I'm ready.

I get a whiff of chocolate that keeps intensifying as she mixes and starts applying the warm chocolate mixture on my face with long, slow strokes. I have a hand fan that Niva's given me in case the tingle I may feel gets intense, however I find it very pleasing and not at all unpleasant. In fact the whole experience is thoroughly relaxing and I lay back breathing in the very aromatic chocolate that Niva accurately describes as "chocolate pudding." (As an ice cream connoisseur I find myself thinking this would go great with a bowl of rich, dark chocolate ice cream! It runs in the family...I can't help myself.)

I resist the temptation of a decadent desert (only because I didn't have one handy) and I just lay back, breathing deeply, enjoying the smells and find that I simply can't resist the urge to smile. That's refreshing in the middle of a very busy, hectic day! When time is up on the facial (I could actually feel the "tingle" lessening) Niva cheerfully returns with a warm bowl of water and gently removes the peel as she comments on how nice it seemed to take. My skin feels soft, smooth and silky when done.

Niva leaves me with the warning that, "you'll continue to smell the chocolate!" This was true, as all during my "date night", I was acutely aware of the delicious smell....coming from me! It went well with my dinner and drink selections, and proved to enhance my date in wonderful ways.

My bottom line: I highly recommend Niva's delicious Chocolate Facial!

My hope is all of our DrYoungForever Fan Club Members consider coming to our February 9th event and bring a friend or two to share the opportunity to purchase a facial, take advantage of the special on Luscious Lips (buy one Juvederm for $600, get one Vobella FREE - $450 value), as well as to get giveaways and enter our fabulous raffles. Will we see you there?

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