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We Send Our Own Family For Treatments!

We don't just say we're Dr. Young's biggest fans....we ARE his biggest fans. We send our own friends and family to him. And, we send them to see Niva Leones, R.N., our Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Master Injector because we see first-hand how her skin care services help even the most difficult skin conditions. Our patients have gained healthy, glowing skin through Niva's experienced hands and we want to share her with those we care about!

Jennifer, Dr. Young's Surgery Coordinator, recently had her son come to see Niva for a visit. He's VERY happy with how the cleansing and Pumpkin Enzyme Mask has improved his teen complexion! Niva explained, "The salicylic acid and enzymes in the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask make this an excellent treatment for anyone who has acne. For teens it's so important they feel good about themselves. I love helping people deal with troubling issues and seeing big improvements that can change the way they feel about themselves."

If you have a family member who isn't happy with their skin, consider gifting a visit with Niva. A facial, microdermabrasion, dermaplane or light peel is an excellent way to introduce them to improved complexions! Women...consider introducing your husband or boyfriend to Botox or laser hair removal. Take advantage of our 24 Days of Christmas specials to find the perfect offer to purchase as a gift for the people you care about most this Christmas.

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